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Glass Fused To Steel Tank

utilizes the Glass Fused to Steel Tank (also known as glass lining or glass-lined steel). Tank technology which is bolted together and sealed with moisture cured urethane compound. Glass fused to steel has become the premium Bio-gas and liquid storage technology due to its dependable performance and minimal maintenance costs. The factory applied silica glass is fused into high strength steel at 850°C creating a hard, inert barrier for both the interior and exterior surface of the tank, protecting the steel core against any corrosion. This has a high resistance to aggressive media and UV light

Key Benefit of LiquoStore Glass Fused to Steel Tanks

  • Most cost effective solution for aggressive media.
  • 10 Years of warranty with a design life of 60 Years.
  • On Site Installation– Reducing project timescales & costs.
  • Can be extended, dismantled and re-sited giving long term asset value
  • Sizes ranges from 50 Cu Mt to 15,000 Cu Mt.
  • 3 Layers of Vitreous enamel coating is done.
  • Safe and secure storage, with minimal maintenance costs
  • Resistance to atmospheric corrosion and UV light.


LiquoStore uses Vitreous enamel coating technology which is the perfect system to combine the benefits of steel ( the highest load bearing capacity, resilience) and glass ( the highest chemical resistance) in one single material. The liquid enamel fuses in one or two (depending on the required surface properties) processes at 850°C to become a new material: enameled glass coated steel. The major difference to other coating methods is that the enamel does not adhere to the steel, but bonds with it.​


The type of roof selected can depend on the medium being stored, the diameter of the tank, whether the tank needs to be air or gas tight, pressurized or simply fit into your project budget. Some roof configurations We offer: • Enameled steel • Geodesic dome • Stainless steel • Fabric • Trough deck cover • Glass fused to steel • Aluminum Dome Roof

Engineer Certification

LiquoStore enamelled plates are inspected in accordance with strict rules and regulations with narrow tolerances. The procedures are subject to on-going improvement and are based on the following norms and standards:

For the Quality and the production flow

  • EN DIN ISO 9001 in the most actual version.​
  • Company QC certificate.

For the Enamelling Process

  • EEA 7.20 for industrial tanks.​
  • EEA 7.24 for animal feed silos.
  • EEA 7.25 for dung silos.


  • EN DIN ISO 28765:2011.​