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Fire Water Storage

FIRE Water Storage: LiquoStore are leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of modular, site bolted storage tanks for the international sprinkler and fire protection markets. Fire water storage tanks are a requirement of safety management and building regulations around the world, covering industrial as well as private sector customers. With all buildings there is a risk that the main water supply may be affected by fire and for isolated buildings such as warehouses and factories, the supply may not be readily available 24 hours a day.

Specific standards control the tank materials and design. This guarantees that the tanks have been manufactured and supplied according to the most up-to- date regulations as required by sprinkler companies and end users.

Tanks are typically delivered with an internal liner which allows them to be installed onto a flat levelled, concrete base, meaning there is no need for complicated civil works. Alternatively available, is an approved range of tanks without liners and sealed with polyurethane mastic. LiquoStore can offer approved sprinkler and fire protection tanks in galvanised mild steel, aluminium and epoxy coated or glass coated steel. As part of the LiquoStore tank design, manufacture and supply package, we provide all the necessary details in advance to allow site preparation to have taken place before the tank kit arrives.