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Drinking Water Storage

Drinking Water Storage is natural water found in the environment and has not been treated, nor have any minerals, ions, particles or living organisms removed. Raw water includes rainwater, ground water, water from infiltration wells, and water from bodies like lakes and rivers. The characteristics of raw water include physical ones, such as taste, temperature, or turbidity, chemical ones, such as hardness, acidity/alkalinity, and ion content, and biological ones, such as organism presences. These characteristics can vary greatly depending on environmental conditions. Pollution can also effect raw water content.

Storage of raw water covers numerous applications: Irrigation water tanks (agriculture) or watering (green areas, golf courses etc.), rain water collection tanks, drilling water tanks (hot, sulphurous, brackish etc.), surface water storage (water from rivers or lakes), sea water tanks etc.

Drinking Water Storage tanks can be supplied with all the accessories normally fitted to such type of tanks: guide bars, lift pumps, ladders, stairways, gangways, level gauges etc. They can also be covered to avoid excessive evaporation, the development of algae or the contamination of the content by external factors.