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DM Water Storage

DM Water Storage: Demineralised water, is a water from which all minerals have been removed. Demineralised water is generally acidic (carbonic acid due to the CO2 in the air in contact with the liquid) and it tends naturally to produce a leaching phenomenon of the materials with which it is in contact.

For example, concrete is particularly vulnerable when it is in contact with demineralised water (acid attack of granulate and leaching of lime in particular – aggravated by the porosity of the concrete). Apart from the damage caused to the material, these phenomena result in contamination of the demineralised water which is often incompatible with its subsequent use.

Only inert materials are appropriate for the storage of demineralised water.

According to the operating constraints and the characteristics of the installation site, LiquoStore demineralised water tanks are provided in various materials:

The Zincalume steel tanks may be equipped with a inner lining of reinforced liner. This solution is intended to protect the metal wall which acts as a seating for the tanks, thus avoiding the need for protection resins, which require regular renewal (maintenance problem).