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Aeration Tank

Aeration tanks generally receive pre-treated and therefore less corrosive effluents than the corresponding raw effluents. Nevertheless, massive injection of air or oxygen in an aeration tank accentuates oxidation phenomena and therefore demands that the materials in contact with the effluent be corrosion resistant.

This is the reason why aeration tanks are generally lined with a inert PVC reinforced Liner.

LiquoStore aeration tanks may be fitted with all the accessories habitually installed on this type of tank: hydrojets, fine bubble aerators, scraper bridges, surface aerators etc.

LiquoStore Zincalume tank are fully compatible with the establishment of a fluidised bed (MBBR), a biological filter, ultra filtration units (BRM) etc. Bolted metallic tanks are also well suited to SBR type fluctuating level treatment systems.